I heart facebook ...


I didn't used to but now I do !! In the past couple of days I have been in contact with loads of old friends. Friends from highschool and friends from my DTS. Such good fun !! I've been chatting on line with people I haven't talked to in 15 plus years ! It's wild ! People are married, have kids etc etc etc ... Wild, I tell ya !

In other news ... google reader is telling me that I have 423 posts to read ! Uh, no, I won't be reading all of them. Most of those are recipe blogs and I just scan the titles and look at the ones I'm interested in. The ones that I do read though ... my bloggy friends ... I don't want to just scan them quickly. I want to read them properly and comment. But since I've been so busy catching up with old friends on facebook I've not been paying much attention to google reader ! I was shocked when I opened it up just now !! I will be by to visit and see how you all are doing soon ...

Things have been wrapping up around here. Rory has finished footy for good. His indoor soccer is finished for a few weeks. Jono has a soccer game this week but then is off for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow is the last day of school before two weeks of school holidays ! Swimming lessons are finished too. I'm glad to have things slowing down. The holidays are packed full of fun activities already ... but fun activities don't seem as busy as day to day life !! :)

Hope you all are well ... like I said, I'll be round to visit soon !!


Mari June 26, 2008 at 11:33 PM  

Isn't it terrible when you don't check you google reader and the number builds up like that - it's overwhelming! It's nice to see you on facebook, although I must admit I'm not there very much.

Sabba and Nanny June 27, 2008 at 1:39 AM  

Oops, I wrote you the email before I saw this post.

I only signed up for Facebook originally to be able to read your site. I rarely ever go there. I happened to go yesterday because of a friend request from Alicia from Negishi.

Cheri June 27, 2008 at 4:20 AM  

It is fun to see you on facebook- although I'm like Mari- not on there much.
Glad things are slowing down a bit for you.

Demara June 27, 2008 at 5:58 AM  

I still have not gotten into loving FB as much as I love Blogging! I'm in and out of FB. I can't believe how long Jeff can stay on FB for-stalking his friends list! I've had a couple longer posts, unusual for me I know, so perhaps I should write up a nice regular short one for you. Since you have so much to read already. We'll see. :)

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